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Just because you did not purchase your system from Front Row doesn't mean you can't get our professional service and lifetime installation warranty.  We offer our technical services to anyone with an audio video system that is having troubles.

If you are having problems with your system, the first step is to have Front Row provide you with a free* system evaluation.  After we assess your situation, repair options can be presented to you and you can decide exactly how you want to proceed.

System Evaluation

Complete test and inspection of existing system to determine faults and overall status.  No repairs or modifications will be made at this time.

System Tune-Up

Re-setting of levels, gains and other settings to achieve maximum performance and sound quality from existing system.

System Clean-out

Removal of amplifiers and other components for cleaning. Re-connection and System Tune-Up.  Price may vary based on size of system.
Starting at $180.00

* System Evaluation Charge of $45 is waived if other purchases or repairs to the system are made in excess of $45.