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Have a lot of light switches on your wall and don't even know what some of them are for?  Can't seem to get that "programmable" thermostat to keep the house at a comfortable temperature? Or maybe you just forget to close the garage door sometimes when you're off to bed.  Whatever the case, a Home Automation system takes care of all those things for you. 

Touchscreen ControllerToday's new homes are being built with an increasing level of technology incorporated into every area of the house.  Furnaces, Lawn Sprinklers, Hot Water Heaters, Alarm Systems, even Garage Door openers have microprocessors built in to make them more efficient, safer and easier to operate.

Home Automation is the Science of connecting these systems together to obtain total control and integration.  The benefits of Home Automation include simplified operation, a more efficient home and a more secure home.

The key to a great Home Automation systems is in the program.  A Home Automation system is programmed specifically for you and your needs.  There is no "cookie-cutter" or "universal" home control system.  Our programmer will work with you to find out how you live, how you want things to be and what makes life more simple for you.  We can program lights to come on and off as they are needed without ever touching a switch.  The climate in the house can be adjusted to maintain the perfect temperature to keep you comfortable without ever having to touch a thermostat.

Imagine if all the lighting in your home was dimmed down just 10%.  Most people would never even notice it.  But, if your electric bill suddenly had a 10% discount on it - you would probably notice that.  Home Automation systems can monitor lighting and apply the proper amount of light when needed.  Temperatures can be monitored more closely along with occupancy. Basically, if nobody is home, why should the Air Conditioning be on? A properly programmed Home Automation sysetem can pay for itself over time just in reduced utility bills.

A house fire is something we all hope we never have to deal with, but should one ever happen to you, a Home Automation system could increase your chances of survival.  Most homes have smoke detectors, but that sometimes is not enough to help you out in a fire.  Imagine if, when the smoke detectors were triggered, low path lights were illuminated to show you to the exits, all of the exterior ligts were turned on and the front porch light was flashed on and off to alert the neighbors and identify your house to approaching authorities.  Ceiling fans and furnaces would be shut down to prevent "fanning" of the fire and prevent the spreading of smoke throughout the house.  There are many options that can be programmed into a Home Automation system to help you in an emergency.  Our programmers will find out what is important to you and make it happen.

Please contact our Home Automation department and ask for a free consultation to see what Home Automation can do for you.