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We take pride in desiging our Home Theaters.  Every detail is considered to create a seamless Theater-like environment. Theater projects of all sizes get the same level of dedication and quality. 

Wether you want to start with an empty basement and turn it into a 15 seat theater that George Lucas would be happy to debut the latest Star Wars Movie in, or you just want your living room to sound a little better, Front Row has a solution for you.

We offer all of the electronics necessary to achieve earth-shaking sound with a picture to match.  We also can provide you with all the accessories needed to make the whole theater come together. From seating to lighting to wall posters of Gone with the Wind, we can add those little touches that complete the room.

Of course, we can also take care of more than just the electronics.  We work with various sub-contractors to have walls built, floors raised and lowered or just about any construction necessary.  We can work with your existing contractors or provide you with trusted, quality contractors that we work with regularly. Either way, Front Row can see your Theater through from Initial Concept to Opening Night.

Contact our Custom installtion department to schedule a free consultation and see what we can do for you.